Innovative Ethical Hacking Services


Workshops and consultation

We require all our information security and blockchain experts to have a good level of presenting skills. From securing your cryptocurrency wallets to enterprise level systems: we are ready to provide clear explanations and advisory.


Awalcon Recommendation List

Though our 10+ years of experience in IT and managing companies, we have created a list of recommendations for security, privacy and efficiency. This is a document we keep up to date. Reachable price and available for all.


Awalcon Information Security Certification

When you work with us, you can request a certification that reflects on the real state of your company's security: from IT configurations, deployed code to management level awareness.


Information Security Audit

Audit through the AIS certification system: protect your whole company and make it more efficient. From Information Security Policies to purple teaming tests, code audit and awareness trainings.


IT Hardening

Make sure your systems are as secure as possible and apply hardening configuration with us. Most often it does not even require buying new software: fine-tuning already existing systems' security can stop most of the attackers.


Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Services

Our expert in cryptocurrency is ready to help you with your cryptocurrency project or if you are just getting started with bitcoin or ethereum.

We provide innovative Information Security and Blockchain services.

Ethical hacking is not just about the technical details, but also about looking at the business processes and requirements. Combined them you get value which not just improves your security, but also makes your business more efficient.

Feedback from our clients

Surprisingly, engaging and enjoyable IT Security Awareness education.

- CEO Remote administation sector

Talented and ethusiastic team.

- Business owner IT Services

Thank you for the insightful trainings. We are looking forward for the next ones!

- Small business owner Financial sector