bookmark_borderMVP presentation: Information security for Bács-Kiskun region

The recording is available in Hungarian language. The Awalcon presentation by six starts at 35 minutes:,Modern_Vallalkozasok_Programja_-Munkaszervezes_2.0-Tav-_es_csoportmunkat_tamogato_eszkozok_IT_biztonsagi_kockazatok-_Bacs-Kiskun_megye

In Hungary, most of the companies are just getting started with information security. Our goal is to support them to implement more secure systems, both from human and technical point of views: IT security awareness, policies, audits, penetration testing, cryptography and the Awalcon Certification system.

The presentation covers an introduction to IT and Information Security. We start from the topic of homeoffice and arrive to enterprise networks.

bookmark_borderData at risk (in Hungarian) – IT security for companies at times of home office

The “Modern Vállalkozások Programja” project invited six for conducting a professional workshop about IT security with the focus on home office.

You can find the video at the following link: MVP presentation

For Awalcon services listed in the MVP project, please follow this link.

bookmark_borderIntroduction to IT Security services

If you are looking for a IT Security solutions which are realistic and usable, you are on the right place. With our expertise in the field, we provide services that improve both IT security and business processes – because real security starts with business considerations.

  • IT Security audits (processes and policies)
  • Penetration testing
  • Phishing Campaigns
  • IT Security Awareness training
  • Hardening
  • Consultation
  • Privacy recommendations