CCTF 5 Writeups – Part 1.

RTFM (50 points) As is the case with all CCTF editions, there’s a quasi-challenge that points people in the direction of the manual, and which is supposed to give an initial feel for how the search for a so-called flag goes. The accepted solution was one of the example flags shown in the manual. Author: […]

Events in May 2021: Blockchain Budapest 4.0 and CCTF

BDAY is organized again in 2021 with great talks, presentations and the CryptoCurrency (is) The Flag hacker game. This is another chance to meet the best in the largest cryptocurrency and blockchain gathering of Central Europe. Topics as follow: NFTs and their real values DeFi and its future Largest Hungarian Blockchain projects such as CCTF […]

CCTF4 Hacktivity Writeups 3. (Final)

Foxy challenge The data given was printable ASCII, which implied a fair chance that it was encrypted (or obfuscated) with a cipher that always outputs such characters. Two obvious suggestions come to mind: base64 and rot13. However, the ciphertext didn’t exactly look like any mainstream base64 output, nor the rot13 of anything reasonable; what other […]

CCTF4 Hacktivity Writeups 2.

Don’t be eval The task was to somehow break a specified website. The HTML markup of the website contained the text “Figwheel”. A quick web search will reveal that Figwheel is a software package for developing websites — live¹ — in the Clojure programming language. On the website, the only item of interest was the […]

CCTF 4 Hacktivity Writeups 1.

We have received many requests for the CCTF game writeups. Here is the first one, the challenge was called “BIPolognese”. Be careful, spoilers follow. Challenge: BIPolognese The hints The challenge’s name itself suggests a BIP seed Cold backup These are copied somewhere offline, but before it is shown on the screen Doing something […]

Guide for CCTF4 Hacktivity

We have organized (Awalcon, H.A.C.K. and QAN) CCTF for the fourth time and decided to provide a beginner guide. This helps you to get started with hacking a Ethereum smart contract. While going through the guide you will understand more about the logic of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and smart contract. For the crypto only part, please […]

CCTF3 – The official CTF game of Bday 3.0

CCTF is organized the third time, now for Bday 3.0 (Blockchain Day) which is one of the largest cryptocurrency related event in Central-Europe. CCTF is a “Capture The Flag” game where the participants need to hack realistic challenges related to cryptography and cryptocurrencies. The best ones will get rewarded by some presents and QARK tokens, […]

CC7F Round 1., during Hacktivity 2021

In a joint project we step to the next level with two rounds of CCTF. Harder challenges and highers prices wait for the players. You can read more about us in the media: