bookmark_borderCCTF3 – The official CTF game of Bday 3.0

CCTF is organized the third time, now for Bday 3.0 (Blockchain Day) which is one of the largest cryptocurrency related event in Central-Europe.

CCTF is a “Capture The Flag” game where the participants need to hack realistic challenges related to cryptography and cryptocurrencies. The best ones will get rewarded by some presents and QARK tokens, offered by QAN.

If you would like to participate, you can do so by registering here:

What about the previous CCTF events? An archive will be created including all the three of them after the last finishes. It will be available on the CCTF’s website.

Who creates these events? The founder of the CCTF project is six from Awalcon who initiated it in 2019 by calling fellow hackers into the project. It is a joint project where the creators include not just Awalcon, but also members from H.A.C.K. and this year Silur from QAN.

six speaking at BDAY3.0 conference

bookmark_borderData at risk (in Hungarian) – IT security for companies at times of home office

The “Modern Vállalkozások Programja” project invited six for conducting a professional workshop about IT security with the focus on home office.

You can find the video at the following link: MVP presentation

For Awalcon services listed in the MVP project, please follow this link.

bookmark_borderData at risk – introduction to IT security for the private sector

After the success of the first talk at the Budapest Toastmasters Klub, we have been invited to continue spreading awareness and IT security solutions for the private sector. We are addressing questions not just related to privacy, but also about protecting your family life online.

Hungarian translation: Az első Toastmasters előadás sikerére alapozva meghívást kaptunk, hogy folytassuk az it biztonságtudatosság és megoldások terjesztését a privát szektor részére. Nem csupán a magánszféra védelméről lesz szó, hanem arról is, hogy milyen módon védhetjük meg családunkat a veszélyektől.

Date: 2020.09.15. 18:00

Location: Urbanfood Közösségi Iroda Attila út 27., Budapest, Hungary 1013

More information here.

six presenting with light beam