Web3 Security Auditing and ResearchTeam of CCTF DAO

Web3 bridge hacking presentation at HITB Singapore

Wrapped coin and token hacking presentation at BsidesBUD

Awalcon at CCTF article on Business Insider, first Dubai event

Web3 security audits by Awalcon Team

  • Q4 2020QAN's Fence - post-quantum cryptography (Rust) | Download
  • Q1 2021HEADDAO (Solidity) | Download
  • Q1 2021TokoCrypto Token (Solidity) | Download
  • Q4 2021LGBTQ Coin (Solidity) | Download
  • Q4 2021Wrapped Banano (Solidity) | Download
  • Q4 2021FPS Token (Solidity) | Download
  • Q2 2021NextEarth core smart contracts (Solidity) | Download
  • Q1 2022NXTT Token (Solidity) | Download
  • Q2 2022NextEarth Launchpad (Solidity) | Download
  • Q3 2022ink! ERC20 implementation by Parity (Rust/ink!)
  • Q4 2022RisingStar Token (Solidity)
  • Q4 2022RisingStar Vesting contract (Solidity)
  • Q4 2022Adult ERC20 Token (Solidity)
  • Q2 2023MetaFPS token contract (Solidity) | Download
  • Q3 2023Liberland Wrapped token (Solidity)
  • Q3 2023Liberland bridge (Rust/JavaScript/Solidity)
  • Q4 2023Liberland blockchain (Rust/Substrate) | Download
  • Q1 2024Altcoinist (Solidity/Rust) | Download
  • Q2 2024Slots booked. To be released.
  • Q3 2024Next available audit slots.


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